Dear Parents and Guardians:

The month of September has whizzed by in a flurry of start-ups and new beginnings.  It has been a wonderful start to the year, with kudos to all our Kindergarten students and their wonderful teacher/DECE teams!  The tiniest tots have adapted beautifully to the new routines and will be introduced to more curriculum activities as they gain greater comfort in using the French that they are learning, and as they adapt to school schedules.  We are also very grateful for the beautiful September weather which has allowed the Kindergarten students to  explore and learn outdoors.

As noted in the October Newsletter, our sports events are up and running with no less than four tournaments in October and one already done in September.  Also noted in the newsletter are our Snack and Breakfast programs.  Please read about the generous donation from a community partner, and consider helping with this program as suggested. 

We continue to grow in many ways at École Dufferin.  This month you will read about the opportunity to take violin lessons at Dufferin.  The Active Playground Leaders program will  return after a round of training by Brant County Health Unit staff.  Students are involved in many extra-curricular activities besides sports, including Kindergarten Lunch Helpers, Office Helpers, Morning Announcers, and Recycling.  Numerous other starts coming as teachers get organized and find the time to fit clubs and commitments into their daily schedules. 

Another innovation is the French Proficiency award at our monthly Character Ed assemblies.  Each month, a student from each grade will be recognized for his or her consistent use of French, or noticeable improvement in use of French.  Character Ed assemblies take place near the end of each month; dates and times are set close to the end of each month to avoid scheduling conflicts with other activities such as sports tournaments.

 By the end of October, teachers will have Progress Reports ready; these will be sent home November 7th.  Parent-Teacher consultations take place the following week.   À bientôt!

                                                                                         Mme Redekop, Principal

Check out the Multi-Year Plan... Dufferin students are featured in it!