Onondaga-Brant's 50th Anniversary Party

Happy Birthday Onondaga-Brant – the amalgamation of Onondaga and Brant Public Schools is 50 years old.  We welcomed Trustee Carol Ann Sloat; Trustee Dave Dixon both from Brantford; Trustee Tom Waldschmidt from the County of Brant and Ward 3 and 7 Norfolk County; Trustee Eva Dixon from Norfolk; Mr. John Forbeck, Director of the Granderie District School Board and Scott Sincerbox, Superintendent of Education for Brantford.   We also recognized many principals, teachers and students who also attended years past.

The Anniversary Party would not have been a success without the following people:

v  Lisa Anderson from the Brant Historical Society.  Lisa and her coop student Jenise for creating our tour through the decades via video,  giving the staff ideas of different crafts/dances of the decades and bringing in some “antique” toys;

v  Mr.Bailey for hours of work – coordinating with Syd Bolton and setting up the Computer Museum, Mark Devolin for computers in the classroom – not so distant future (as we are doing this now) and for getting our cakes for us (Unfortunately Mr. Devlin could not make it due to the weather, however, he will come at another time to do his presentation.)

v  Mrs. Hewitson  for creating the timeline and with the help of Mrs. Cartwright displaying our memorabilia.

v  Mrs. Linda Trembley, our custodian, for all her extra cleaning, helping with set up, display and the clean up.

v  The Grade 7/8’s from  Student Council who also helped with the display, and were our greeters, cake slicers, tour guides and go to students for help.

v  Our parent council for putting the add in the paper and getting the coffee.

v  A special thanks to the staff, who embraced the tour of the decades and have shown their students a glimpse of the past.  Some of our staff and students dressed in their decades as well.

50 Years ago we used feet and inches to measure, the average income was $6000 a year, the average car was $ 3500, a gallon of gas was 25 cents, that’s 6.5 cents a litre, the Beatles came to North America, Tim Horton’s built his first coffee shop, there were no personal computers or Facebook, and man had not walked on the moon yet.  However, the amalgamated school of Onondaga and Brant, Onondaga-Brant Public School was born.

It was fun reliving the last 50 years with our students.  Pictures of the history of the decades was sprinkled in with the pictures of the decades.  How life has changed in the last 50 years. 

Trustee Sloat spoke of community and the generations of students that have gone through Onondaga-Brant Public School.  She celebrated the wonderful community that Onondaga-Brant is.

We then opened our time capsule.  Thanks to Mrs. Cartwright who found Mr. Ken Lockwood.  He and Student Council are the ones that created and buried the time capsule, twice.  It kept popping up in the spring thaw so the capsule was hidden in the school.  We had a former teacher, Mrs. Marge Davis and 5 students who joined Mr. Lockwood on the stage to open the time capsule.  I read a book to the audience, written by Liesje Bowman, a current parent in our school.  The neat thing was, the book ended “To be continued.”  I believe we can have a class write a sequal!   It was fun watching the faces of the former students and teachers as they opened the treasures.

We then displayed the items on a table for all to enjoy.  The Expositor was here as well.  Hopefully by the time you have read this you will have read an article in the Expositor. 

Onondaga-Brant Classes of 2014 will create articles for the time capsule over the next 4 months.  We will close the time capsule at our Awards Assembly in June.

We were honoured to have Syd Bolton from the Personal Computer Museum (the only one that exists in the country) bring multiple examples of technology throughout the decades.  He had examples of various types of computers that were used within the classrooms or at home in the 1970’2 - 2010.  He also had some old technology used many moons ago, however, I do remember taking typing class on a manual typewriter.  Many of the displays are interactive – students and guests had fun playing Pong and Ms. Pacman.  I also asked them how they would put those first cell phones in their pockets!

The students have learned many things from the last 50 years.  They had fun playing games from the 70’s and 80’s and creating some of the crafts.  KG B even created a disco ball.  How learning history can be so much fun!  Their history is the story of my life so I’ve had a great time going down memory lane, as did our guests. The students had fun trying to find family and friends in the old photographs.

I asked students what they thought about the Anniversary.  Here’s some of their comments:

Ø  It was awesome to see what’s in the time capsule and cool things they did in the past.

Ø  Cool to see history.

Ø  Amazing talking to my mom who’s school closed after 20 years – cool to have a school open for a long time.

Ø  Now I know how old the school is and my mom was a baby when the school opened.

Ø  Amazing…memorable for those who helped open the time capsule.

Ø  Enlightening to meet and talk to former staff with all their stories.

Ø  Enjoy seeing pictures of the past – especially the time capsule and the work kids did in 2000 when we weren’t born yet.

Ø  Reading old newspapers were cool.

Ø  Saw people we recognized

Ø  Love the stories from parents

Ø  Good afternoon, enjoyed it

Ø  Awesome time capsule

However, many said the CAKE was best!

As you can see, an awesome time was had by all.  If you were unable to make it, please talk to your student about it.

Here’s to another absolutely, fantastic 50 years!   

Enjoying Yesterday!

 Let's Play Pong or Ms. Pacman